The Witcher Last Wish, What was the Last Wish of Geralt? Why did Geralt wish that?

Cirillarts will respond to all the questions very quickly now. Because we read the books and search that questions on the Internet. The main problem is somebody couldn't find the answer correctly.

What Was The Last Wish of Geralt?

He wished his and Yennefer's destinies were bound together. It means that in the Witcher Universe, Geralt and Yen will come across each every time and They will die together. At first time, I couldn't understand the reason of wish. Because it was nonsense. Yennefer is independent and She always gives his decisions by herself. But Geralt broke this Yennefer's rules.

Why Did Geralt Wish That?

Geralt is a Witcher. As you know it means that there are no feelings for them. Actually, Geralt is not like that. Geralt felt something for her. Probably it wasn't the first time but that feeling was strong than others. And Geralt doesn't want to lose Yennefer. Also, they look like each other, I mean their personalities look like same. Maybe this is the reason Geralt always Understands her ideas and points. In the second, Sword of Destiny they have a conversation about Shape of Ice. That Shape of ice explains everything about them. I guess...

To sum up, from my point of view. It's not enough to answer because there are many and many sections about Geralt and Yen to understand that reason of wish.


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