Updated: Jun 8, 2021

The Witcher, Incredible book series, games, and #netflixseries. This incredible story was written by Andrzej Sapkowski. Sapkowski is an amazing person but we gonna talk about this later. Now our topic is actually about The Witcher Sword of Destiny. In that book, Yennerfer's kestrel says that "a Shard of Ice". What does that mean? Why did the kestrel say that? What Does it mean a Shard of Ice?

Before the start of that article, I read that part of the Sword of Destiny. First of all, I am gonna start with Yen's words in the book.

"If Geralt your heart was warm, The ice that I stick you would melt,

Then, The magic would break and you would see me as I am!"

Then Yen is explaining about herself. She says that I want that people love me not as a wizard-like normal human love.

It becomes to us here: Shard of Ice is Yennefer's love or something like that. They are together because of the Last Wish of Geralt. Geralt wishes to be together with Yen forever. Yen thinks like that. They together because of The Last Wish. Also, Geralt is a Witcher. It means that he hasn't to felt anything about love. But it's not like that. He loves Yen but Yen does not think like that. So, Shard of Ice is their love I guess. But not a full form because, If Geralt uses his mind and told her about his love, then The Shard of Ice will melt.

To sum up, Geralt loves Yen and she loves him too. But Geralt is a little bit stupid. Because he can not explain his love to her.


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