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Breaking Bad is considered one of the best TV series of all time. This is true because of the incredible script and outstanding performance of the cast. Every character in this drama has very small details. These details help us to understand who the main characters really are. Today, We will talk about 5 hidden details about Breaking Bad.

1-Strange Habit

Hidden Details About Breaking Bad

In The first episode, Walter exposes drug dealers to phosphine gas. The dealer is known as "Krayz-8" miraculously survives. Later then, Walter and Jesse prison him in Pinkman's basement. When things go wrong after a point Walter strangles him to death. A noteworthy detail about "Krazy-8" is he likes his sandwiches without the crust. Walter adopts this habit after killing him. (Episode 3x1) The belief that to take the characteristics of the person you killed still accepted in the tribes of Africa.

2- Marie Schrader and Purple

Hidden Details About Breaking Bad

Marie Schrader has kleptomania during the series. When there is a problem in her home Marie goes back to stealing. She managed to leave the audience's mouth open with her scenarios. Marie who turns people off from the color purple is intertwined with this color throughout the series. Purple actually isn't a simple color. During Roman times, only nobles used this color as a sign of wealth and extravagance. Probably she used purple and stole expensive items by the impulse of her condition to show that she was in the upper class.

3- The Innocence Disappearing

Hidden Details About Breaking Bad

The innocence of Walter disappears during the first two seasons. He turns into a drugmaker from a good-natured chemistry teacher. One of the most subtle of these changes is his clothes. In the first season, he often wears light-colored clothes. But when he starts to have a moral breakdown (like the scene that He let Jane dies), he prefers darker colors. It was an important detail about Walter's character development.

4-The Goodness Inside of The Man

Hidden Details About Breaking Bad

While Walter's personality turns dark, the series showed us goodness stirs inside of Jesse. You can see the good guy inside of him especially when Jesse interacts with kids. If you remember, the time that upset him was when Walter endangered a child's life. Perhaps the children symbolize that innocence he wants to return.

5- Felina

Hidden Details About Breaking Bad

You might be surprised by the latest episode is called "Felina". Because it's the anagram of the word "final" or it has actually a chemical meaning. Fe, Li, and Na are the chemical symbols of Iron, Lithium, and Sodium. Let's examine: The predominant chemical in the blood is Iron.

The predominant chemical in crystal meth is Lithium.

The predominant chemical in tears is Sodium.

Blood, meth, and tears. There couldn't be any ideal title for the final.

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