Updated: Jun 8, 2021

In the world, there are many music types connected with countries. Blues and Jazz for Afro-Americans, Classic Music for Western Europa. But Rock is not like that... Because every country has a different rock style. And it becomes us to Turkish rock groups... Turkey is an amazing country for rock. There are many rock groups in Turkey. For instance, Athena, Duman, Teoman, Gaye Su Akyol, Şebnem Ferah, Sertap Erener,Manga, Pilli Bebek, Mor ve Otesi... These are classic ones in Turkey. Also, many rock groups are amazing such as Yüksek Sadakat and Model. But, Today we gonna talk about the "you should listen to" list. Let's continue the list:

  1. Teoman

  2. Gaye Su Akyol

  3. Athena

  4. Manga

  5. Sertap Erener

  6. Şebnem Ferah

  7. Pilli Bebek

  8. Mor ve Ötesi

  9. Yüksek Sadakat

  10. Model


The Vagrant Boy of Turkish Music

Teoman - Turkish Rock Singer

As the magazine said The Vagrant Boy. Teoman is a really special character for Turkish Rock. He has a really different life story and also a carrier. He is a magnificent writer and singer... Lyrics are always meaningful and sad. But, If you are new to listen Teoman we recommend to you some special albums of his. We are going to write for him a special blog topic but for now, this list is enough for everyone. Eski Bir Rüya Uğruna, Gecenin Sonuna Yolculuk, Koyu Antoloji (specially my favorite) and İnsanlık Halleri. These are our best.

Gaye Su Akyol

Gaye Su Akyol - Turksih Rock Singer
Gaye Su Akyol

Magnificent woman. We called her like that. Different rock and music styles blow the world's mind... Incredible voice and lyrics... This woman too much for Turkey. Anyway, GSA is a rising rock star of Turkish Rock. If Turkey will go Eurovision again, The singer has to be Gaye Su Akyol. Her style mixed with Turkish Art Music and Rock. That mix offers us great music pleasure at the same time. We have another article in here about Gaye Su. In addition, She has a couple of album like İstikrarlı Hayal Hakikattir, Hologram İmparatorluğu, Develerle Yaşıyorum , Yort Savul: İSYAN MANİFESTOSU!. Check her out and write us a comment about her...


Athena - Turkish Rock Group

Rock, Rock, and Rock... One of the best Turkish Rock group is Athena. Everything starts with One Last Breath in 1993 then in 1998 Holigan blow the Turkish Rock's History... Athena is a special group because they are singing especially for Rock'n Roll! Respect the Athena Because they closed to won Eurovision... They got second but it didn't matter. You should listen to this album of Athena:

  • One Last Breath

  • Holigan

  • Tam Zamanı Şimdi

  • Mehteran Şeferi

  • Herşey Yolunda

  • Us (album)

  • For Real (single)

  • Athena

  • İt

  • Fenerbahçe 100. Yıl

  • Pis

  • Altüst


Manga - Turkish Rock Group

Manga is a great Rock group and they prove it with their success. Greatest once of #turkishrock. Their album adventures started in September 2001 with Ferman's idea to participate in the "Sing Your Song" competition. Cem Bahtiyar (Bass guitar) joined the band when Orçun had to leave the group due to private reasons, and maNga got its current structure. With the name maNga, which is his school, he set out for his dream of an album that will last for many years. In addition, They got a second in Eurovision Oslo. After Sertap Erener's victory, this was important... These are the lists of albums:

  • maNga (2004)

  • maNga+ (2006)

  • Şehr-i Hüzün (2009)

  • e-akustik (2012)

  • Işıkları Söndürseler Bile (2014)


Sertap Erener - Turkish Rock Singer
Sertap Erener

Sertab Erener is a Turkish singer-songwriter. Thanks to her coloratura soprano voice, she started to act as a vocalist alongside Sezen Aksu and became famous in the early 1990s with the albums she released with the support of Aksu. He had a hard time singing pop music because he had classical music education. Although he did experimental work from time to time, he preferred to make pop music instead of avant-garde things because he aimed to make his songs listen to large audiences. In some of his works, he combined western music and eastern music, and he used operas and Turkish classical music as well as ethnic elements. He went to Europe in the early 2000s and offered various works for sale here.


Şebnem Ferah - Turkish Rock Singer
Şebnem Ferah

Şebnem Ferah's interest in music started when she was 5-6 years old and her family played a major role in her introduction to music. Since almost everyone in Ferah's family is involved with music and has an instrument in every corner of the house, she was introduced to the market as knowledgeable and ready for music.

Şebnem Ferah's musical life continued with school orchestras and small ensembles. Ferah, who worked with her band "Pegasus" during her high school years but had a girl group dream in her mind, met Sedat Yıldırım Sarıca thanks to a studio opened in Bursa in the mid-80s and realized this dream with the "Volvox" group she founded in 1988. In order to be more interested in music, he left the METU Department of Economics in his second year, and later on, when he came to Istanbul, he enrolled in the Department of English Language and

Literature at Istanbul University. Dr. They appeared as a front group with Özlem Tekin at Skull's retirement concert. Let's check out her albums:

  • Kadın (1996)

  • Artık Kısa Cümleler Kuruyorum (1999)

  • Perdeler (2001)

  • Kelimeler Yetse (2003)

  • Can Kırıkları (2005)

  • Benim Adım Orman (2009)

  • Od (2013)

  • Parmak İzi (2018)


Pilli Bebek - Turkish Rock Group
Pilli Bebek

Pilli Bebek is a Turkish rock band formed in 1993 in Ankara. The group, which has been in existence since 1993, has performed more than 1600 live performances in 42 cities. While influenced by many genres from Heavy Metal to Turkish Classical Music, from Northern European rock to Latin music, they found the Barkarol style, which dates back to the same periods as the maritime history, was named in the classical period and is still practiced by Venetian gondolists with its free form and melodic structures, conceptually close to them, and also their music. this is how they defined it. Let's check out her albums:

  • Uyandırmadan(1999)

  • Olsun(2007)

  • Anlıyorum(acoustic) (2013)

Mor ve Ötesi

Mor ve Ötesi - Turkish Rock Group
Mor ve Ötesi

Mor ve ötesi is a Turkish alternative rock band from Istanbul. Its four current members are Harun Tekin, Kerem Kabadayı, Burak Güven and Kerem Özyeğen. Former members include Alper Tekin and Derin Esmer. The band achieved mainstream success with the release of the album Dünya Yalan Söylüyor. Let's check out their albums:

  • Şehir (1996)

  • Bırak Zaman Aksın (1999)

  • Gül Kendine (2001)

  • Dünya Yalan Söylüyor (2004)

  • Büyük Düşler (2006)

  • Başıbozuk (2008)

  • Masumiyetin Ziyan Olmaz (2010)

  • Güneşi Beklerken (2012)

Yüksek Sadakat

Yüksek Sadakat - Turkish Rock Group
Yüksek Sadakat

Yüksek Sadakat is a Turkish rock band that was formed in 1997 by Kutlu Özmakinacı but became popular in early 2006 with their first album with the same name. The founder and bass player Kutlu Özmakinacı used to be the editor of a music magazine called Blue Jean. Let's check out their albums:

  • Yüksek Sadakat (2006)

  • Katil & Maktûl (2008)

  • Renk Körü (2011)

  • IV (2014)


Model - Turkish Rock Group

I put them on the last of the list. The reason is this Turkish Rock band is not exist now. Model was magnificent but they broke. What should we say? They are on our hearth now. The band was founded with the name A due Carmen in 2005 by Okan Işık, Aşkın Çolak, and Can Temiz. Fatma Turgut and Serkan Gürüzümcü joined in 2007. The band members found each other on the internet. The group's name was changed to Model in 2008. Their first album, Perili Sirk was released in 2009. In 2011, Model released its second album, called Diğer Masallar, which was produced by Demir Demirkan. Three songs, "Buzdan Şato", "Değmesin Ellerimiz", "Bir Melek Vardı", became very popular.In 2012, Aşkın Çolak left the band and was replaced by Kerem Sedef on drums. Their third album, Levlâ'nın Hikayesi, was put on the market by the label of GNL Entertainment in the last week of November 2013. Model wanted to create a concept in this album: the five stages of mourning after separation, and then a human's own internal reckoning and relations are told with the help of the lyrics.

The band disbanded in 2016 due to differences between the members. These were their albums:

  • Perili Sirk (2009)

  • Diğer Masallar (2011)

  • Levlâ'nın Hikayesi (2013)

  • Mey (201

To sum up there are a couple of groups in Turkey. Every Turkish Rock singer or group has a different life and story. And it makes them special in the world. We think that music is universal and everybody has to listen to these groups at all.